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Data Science & Machine Learning Engineering Analyst - Strategy & Consulting



Software Engineering, IT, Data Science
Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2024

Job Description

Are you passionate about transforming raw data into actionable insights and want to contribute to innovative solutions? Will you take on the challenge to help our clients become data-driven? Do you want to change the way organizations manage their data and do business? Are you interested in how data flows through and how it can be leveraged to support decision making to achieve added business value? If so, we invite you to explore the role of a Data Science & Machine Learning Engineering Analyst at Accenture.

Application process

You can start the application process by submitting your CV, cover letter, transcripts of your bachelor’s and master’s grades, and by completing an online assessment. Please make sure you submit your application no later than the 17th of June.

Following a positive evaluation by our recruitment team, you will be invited to our jobday on June 28th. The event will begin at 12 pm with an office tour led by our colleagues, followed by lunch. After that you will have 3 (case) interviews to show your consulting skills and fit within the team. As the day concludes, we hope to celebrate your success by inviting you to join us for a drink on our rooftop. Our office is located in Amsterdam Zuid, Gustav Mahlerplein 90, 1082 MA Amsterdam (ITO-toren). We look forward to meeting you!

The work

As a Data Science & Machine Learning Engineering Analyst, you will be part of our Accenture’s Strategy & Consulting Data & AI team. The role is essentially a combination between being a Data Science consultant and a Machine Learning Engineering consultant, where you can specialize based on your skills and ambitions. Your work can vary, from advice on the big data platform and architecture our clients (need to) work on, to building scalable AI solutions by making use of state-of-the art technologies. As part of your day-to-day activities, you will be working with the largest big data vendors in the world and the top clients in the Netherlands and abroad.

o Partner with clients to identify and deliver optimal data and machine learning solutions tailored to their needs.
o Develop Proof-of-Concepts aimed at illustrating potential data science solutions to clients, showcasing the inherent value of employing data-driven methodologies.
o Build long-term relationships with key stakeholders, ensuring effective communication and alignment of objectives.
o Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure successful deployment and utilization of machine learning solutions.

o Analyze large, complex datasets and prepare them to support in key decision making
o Apply a diverse array of data science techniques, encompassing statistical modeling and machine learning algorithms, to extract insights and provide resolutions to business inquiries.
o Develop scalable data pipelines and machine learning solutions, optimizing data flow from ingestion to deployment.
o Drive the productization of models in cloud environments, adhering to best practices and ensuring operational efficiency.

Technology and Data
o Build end-to-end (Gen)AI pipelines to deliver value for our clients. Apply a wide range of machine learning techniques to extract insights and deliver value from data.
o Develop production-ready code for machine learning models, emphasizing reliability, scalability, and maintainability.
o Leverage cloud technologies to deploy and manage machine learning models, ensuring seamless integration within client systems.
With all our roles, there is in-person time for collaboration, learning and building relationships with clients, peers, leaders, and communities. As an employer, we will be as flexible as possible to support your specific work/life needs.

With all our roles, there is in-person time for collaboration, learning and building relationships with clients, peers, leaders, and communities. As an employer, we will be as flexible as possible to support your specific work/life needs.

Who we are

In today’s world, business leaders want to rapidly and confidently reinvent to increase resilience, mitigate risk, and grow with sustainable value. That’s where Accenture Strategy & Consulting comes in. We bring together strategic visionaries, industry experts, practitioners from across every enterprise function, business intelligence professionals, change specialists, data and AI authorities, and many other specialized skills to co-create each client’s unique path to reinvention. You will be a trusted partner to business leaders, working with a diverse team of experts to deliver successful tech-enabled transformation and new kinds of value for your clients. Join our global network of people using the latest assets, platforms and partnerships to help bring ideas to life.
Accenture Data & AI is driving these exciting changes across industries, covering skills that range from strategy development to data science professionalization. Our advice is based on best practice and situational analysis and enables our clients to act with speed and confidence. Whether we are investigating complex issues or identifying new opportunities, our work always comes down to one thing: unlocking value and creating real, tangible impact.
Strategy & Consulting is one of five services that make up one Accenture – the others are Operations, Technology, Song and Industry X.