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Smart and Future Proof Manufacturing & Operations - Graduation Internship



Posted on Friday, May 31, 2024

Job Description

Internship details

  • Period 4 – 8 months

  • Hours a week 40

  • Location ITO office, Amsterdam

  • Start date September 2024

  • Interested? Please apply with your CV and cover letter

The work

As an intern at Accenture Industry X’s Manufacturing & Operations, you will have the chance to collaborate with leading experts, dive into cutting-edge technologies, and tackle complex challenges faced by industries worldwide. Your ideas and insights will contribute to the development of groundbreaking solutions that transform the way manufacturing and operations are conducted.

  • Team You'll be part of IX Manufacturing & Operations, a group that transforms how products are manufactured. We digitize and improve manufacturing using digital twins, automation, AI, data and circular practices. We further leverage these technologies to significantly increase efficiency, sustainability and transparency. We help leaders in various industries, including Chemicals, Energy, Mining & Metals, Consumer Goods & Services, Life Sciences and Fleet Services, to ensure that their manufacturing operations meet current requirements and are future proof.

  • Daily tasks As a thesis intern, you will work in collaboration with several stakeholders within Industry X to conduct research on a Manufacturing & Operations related topic. You contribute to our research efforts by bringing fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and a strong work ethic. You’ll connect with many Industry X colleagues and gain a valuable insight into the world of strategy & consulting.

  • Research We support research topics that can be, amongst others, in line with one of the following 4 topics: Industrial asset strategy, Internet of things, Edge Computing and Sustainable operations and building environment. Within Industrial asset strategy we support asset managers in procuring innovative and sustainable components by creating a future proof asset strategy. Within Internet of Things we are interested in how we can use internet of things to extend asset lifetime and improve efficiency of plants and energy grids. Additionally we have Edge Computing, where we assess the potential of edge computing at the site to decrease the need for a large central data infrastructure. And last but not least: Sustainable operations and building environment, where we evaluate options for reducing the carbon footprint by applying alternative materials and reimagining industrial processes.

Within all our internships, we offer you the opportunity to develop, learn, orient, build relationships and gain insights into what it’s like to work as a consultant. As an employer, we will be as flexible as possible to support your work as well as your academical needs and happy to help you navigate in the beginning of your career. Therefore, within our recruiting process, we are highly interested in your motivations and academical interest.

Who we are

Accenture Industry X combines Accenture’s powerful digital capabilities with deep engineering and manufacturing expertise. Working across multiple industries, we offer the broadest suite of services for digitizing your engineering and R&D functions, factory floors and plant operations; speeding up the transformation of hardware into software-enabled products; driving operational safety, sustainability, and productivity at scale.

Using data and technologies such as AR/VR, cloud, AI, 5G, robotics and digital twins, we’ll work with you to build resilient and agile businesses that adapt their engineering and manufacturing operations in the face of change.

Together, we’ll solve your biggest challenges and create products and services that your customers love, quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.