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Account Executive, New Business



Sales & Business Development
Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2024

Account Executive, New Business

  • Remote - APAC
  • Commercial

About Shopify

Opportunity is not evenly distributed. Shopify puts independence within reach for anyone with a dream to start a business. We propel entrepreneurs and enterprises to scale the heights of their potential. Since 2006, we’ve grown to over 8,300 employees and generated over $1 trillion in sales for millions of merchants in 175 countries.

This is life-defining work that directly impacts people’s lives as much as it transforms your own. This is putting the power of the few in the hands of the many, is a future with more voices rather than fewer, and is creating more choices instead of an elite option.

About you

Moving at our pace brings a lot of change, complexity, and ambiguity—and a little bit of chaos. Shopifolk thrive on that and are comfortable being uncomfortable. That means Shopify is not the right place for everyone.

Before you apply, consider if you can:
  • Care deeply about what you do and about making commerce better for everyone
  • Excel by seeking professional and personal hypergrowth
  • Keep up with an unrelenting pace (the week, not the quarter)
  • Be resilient and resourceful in face of ambiguity and thrive on (rather than endure) change
  • Bring critical thought and opinion
  • Embrace differences and disagreement to get shit done and move forward
  • Work digital-first for your daily work

About the role

Shopify is a platform built for independent business owners of all shapes and sizes to start, sell, market and manage their businesses online, in-store, and everywhere between. With a comprehensive set of industry-leading tools, Shopify has helped over millions of merchants in 175 countries take control of where they take their businesses. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify has worked with brands like Suntory, Allbirds, Ajinomoto, Seiko, Converse and countless others that started with nothing but an idea, a passion, or a purpose.

Shopifyは、オムニチャネルのコマースプラットフォームのリーディングカンパニーです。Shopifyでは、モバイル、ウェブ、ソーシャルメディア、マーケットプレイス、実店舗、ポップアップストアなど、複数の販売チャネルにおける店舗のデザイン、セットアップ、管理を行うことができます。また、強力なバックオフィス機能を備え、受注決済から発送までのビジネスを一元的に管理することができます。Shopifyのプラットフォームは、信頼性と拡張性を考慮して設計されており、エンタープライズレベルのテクノロジーをあらゆる規模のビジネスに提供しています。カナダのオタワに本社を置くShopifyは、現在、約175カ国で数百万のビジネスをサポートしており、Suntory、Allbirds、Ajinomoto、Seiko, Converseなどのブランドから信頼を得ています。

Job Description

We are building our sales team in Japan to help us drive Shopify Plus, which is a designed product for large scale e-commerce business. Our Sales Representatives will work directly with brands in the region to understand and develop their commerce strategies and advise on how Shopify can help them meet their goals.

大規模なEコマース事業者向けのソリューションである ”Shopify Plus” の推進を支援するために、日本に新しい営業チームを構築することになりました。当社の営業担当者は、日本各地のブランドと直接連携して、彼らのコマース戦略の理解と策定を行い、Shopifyを活用して目標の達成をどのように支援できるかについてアドバイスします。

You’ll be working on things like:

  • Understanding our Customers unique business goals, needs, and challenges, helping them to grow their businesses with Shopify products

  • Constantly growing a pipeline of business opportunities

  • Effectively moving your way through the sales cycle managing your pipeline

  • Collaborating on projects within the team and with other Shopify teams to deliver the highest level of merchant experience

  • お客様固有のビジネス目標、ニーズ、および課題を理解し、Shopify製品でビジネスを成長させる支援

  • ビジネスチャンスのパイプラインを絶えず成長させる

  • パイプラインを管理しながら販売サイクルを効果的に進める

  • チーム内および他のShopifyチームと協力してプロジェクトを推進し、最高レベルのマーチャントエクスペリエンスを提供する


You’ll need to have:

  • This role will be based in Japan, Native Japanese and Business level English are requirements for this role.

  • 3+ years of experience (either of) below in Japan

    • Selling SAAS & Cloud Software solutions

    • 3+ years of experience of running E-commerce

    • Selling software solution for E-commerce companies

  • High energy and strong work ethic driving the teams and individual goals

  • Experience in working with global teams

  • The ability to work in a self-directed manner, navigating through a fast-paced and ambiguous environment

  • Excellent relationship, conversation, and influence skills

  • Product knowledge and desire to become a Shopify expert for Japan

  • 日本語(母国語レベル)と英語(ビジネスレベル)

  • 日本市場において以下いずれかの経験を3年以上持つ

    • SAASおよびクラウドソフトウェアソリューションを販売

    • Eコマース事業の運営に関わる

    • Eコマース事業者向けのソフトウェアソリューションを販売

  • チームと個人の目標を達成するための活力と強い仕事への意欲

  • グローバルチームでの業務経験

  • ペースの速い曖昧な環境下にて自分の意識で仕事を推進できる能力

  • 優れた人間関係、会話、影響

  • 製品知識と日本におけるShopifyのエキスパートになりたいという意思

We hire people, not resumes. If you think you’re right for the role, apply now.

    First things first

    We want to ensure you’re the type of person who will thrive here so we can move you quickly through our hiring process. Before completing the job application, please check all the statements that apply to you below:

    It looks like you might not be a great fit for Shopify at this time — while we encourge everyone to apply, we are looking for someone who can meet all these criteria.